"How to Become Cloud" "

"Advanced in ML and DS" "

"Leadership Skills" "

"Right Skills to ace your career" "

"5G /6G Technologies "

"Natural Language Processing "

"Scholarly Journals And Guidelines "

"How to Handle Stress "

"Personal Interview "

"Group Discussion "

"IPR - FDP Participation Certificate"

IFERP Student Project Competetions

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"Challenge and Opportunity In Higher"

"Health And Hygiene For Women"

"Emerging Methods and Models in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning"

"Recent Trends"

"Required Skils"

"Data Driven"

"FDP-Digital Image Processing"

Student Leadership Program On Brading Yourself

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Student Leadership program(SRM Candiates)

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" celebrating 74th Republic day"

" Advance AI and data Analytics"

"Cyber Security with ethical hacking"

"India's 5G"

" Success Strategy"

"Outcome Based Education

"How to Face interview"

"Celebrate 75th yrs of self sufficient India"

"Career After Engineering"

"Evolution of intelligent Systems"

"Adavanced Emerging Technologies,research and practical Applications"

"Current Trends In Machine Learning"

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"IPR – Bridging The Gap From Research To Innovation

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"Teaching And Learning In Higher And Professional Education-The Challenges And Opportunities

"Lecture Series on Machine Learning

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Transformation of Business operations using Industry 4.0 technologies

Recent Development in Nanostructured Metals and Alloys.

Knowledge Sharing on A to Z of Journal Publication

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Renewable Energy System And Sustainability- Education, Research And Outreach

Computing and Signal Processing in IOT Applications

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Using Python

General Awareness to the Educators & Institutions - Insights of National Education Policy-2020

Optical Wireless Communication Challenges & Opportunities

Learning path to data science

Composite Materials - Metal Matrix Composite

Biology in Concrete

Cognitive Radio-Wireless Sensor Networks- Applications & Challenges

Personality Development & Winning Attitude.

Modelling of Biomedical applications using Neural Networks in International Short Term training Program held in India.

National Educational Policy

Scope,Opportunities And Challenges For E-Vehicle In India

Recent Advances in Civil Engineering

Technology Based Teaching In Class Room

Latest Trends in Nanotechnology

PhD End to End Assistance & Guidance

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IP Challenges in Engineering, Science and Technology - Advanced Concepts

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Research Article Writing and Publications - Advanced Concepts

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Cyber Virus that took his path with Coronavirus- "A Disaster Journey of Malicious Malware in the ASEAN Countries

Virtual Interactive Classroom for Teachers and the Challenging Technologies in Post Covid-19 Era