"Current Trends In Machine Learning"

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"IPR – Bridging The Gap From Research To Innovation

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"Teaching And Learning In Higher And Professional Education-The Challenges And Opportunities

"Lecture Series on Machine Learning

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Transformation of Business operations using Industry 4.0 technologies

Recent Development in Nanostructured Metals and Alloys.

Knowledge Sharing on A to Z of Journal Publication

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Renewable Energy System And Sustainability- Education, Research And Outreach

Computing and Signal Processing in IOT Applications

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Using Python

General Awareness to the Educators & Institutions - Insights of National Education Policy-2020

Optical Wireless Communication Challenges & Opportunities

Learning path to data science

Composite Materials - Metal Matrix Composite

Biology in Concrete

Cognitive Radio-Wireless Sensor Networks- Applications & Challenges

Personality Development & Winning Attitude.

Modelling of Biomedical applications using Neural Networks in International Short Term training Program held in India.

National Educational Policy

Scope,Opportunities And Challenges For E-Vehicle In India

Recent Advances in Civil Engineering

Technology Based Teaching In Class Room

Latest Trends in Nanotechnology

PhD End to End Assistance & Guidance

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IP Challenges in Engineering, Science and Technology - Advanced Concepts

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Research Article Writing and Publications - Advanced Concepts

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Cyber Virus that took his path with Coronavirus- "A Disaster Journey of Malicious Malware in the ASEAN Countries

Virtual Interactive Classroom for Teachers and the Challenging Technologies in Post Covid-19 Era