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Professional Membership Benefits

  1. Registered member in an elite group of professional engineers.
  2. Designation such as Honorary Fellow of IFERP, FIFERP, MIFERP can be used.
  3. Professional development - Training from experts.
  4. Peer network - Sharing ideas among members.
  5. Can be a Keynote Speaker of the conference organized by IFERP.
  6. Can be a Session Chair or Chairperson of the Conference organized by IFERP.
  7. Can be an Organizing Committee member of the conference organized by IFERP.
  8. Can be an Editorial board member, Reviewer, Advisory Committee Member of IFERP to maintain the quality control of research articles since IFERP receives very high numbers of articles.
  9. Can be a visiting professor to our collaborated universities.
  10. IFERP support to conduct workshops for your area of research.
  11. Can publish your research and investigation results in the journals or present them at the various meetings of IFERP.
  12. Can receive a discount for Publishing and Subscribing to any journals associated with IFERP.
  13. Can receive a discount in the registration fee for the conference organized by IFERP.
  14. Can be a National Advisory Committee Member, International Advisory Committee member of the conference organized by IFERP.
  15. Discount in Scopus Publication.
  16. IFERP members are notified regarding the upcoming conferences and events held in India and aboard.
  17. IFERP members can save more by publishing their research papers at IFERP conference proceedings, journals and transactions.