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For establishing IFERP Students Chapter

  1. The Institution must have at least 100 student members of IFERP .
  2. The Institution must have Four or more life time members in good standing.
  3. The Institution must have 25 Professional members.
  4. Membership is open to all departments of the academic Institution/University.
  5. Student chapter consists of a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and committee members.

Students chapter activities

  1. IFERP Organize a symposium or panel discussion on specific branches or topics. ( Dept wise chapters).
  2. IFERP provide a service award to student members who contribute the most time and effort to the chapter.
  3. IFERP present other awards to outstanding chapter members those who are actively involved in the chapters.
  4. IFER will organize a Poster Session for students who have conducted summer research and participated in internships.
  5. Newsletter of IFERP students chapter will be issued.
  6. IFERP will form a group of students who are responsible for writing a monthly newsletter. Topics for the newsletter may include articles from the alumni or faculty, senior profiles, advice from students, lists of upcoming events, etc. The newsletter can be a hardcopy or e‐form.
  7. Guidance for doing Projects & publications.
  8. Best project awards.
  9. How to build their career.
  10. Blood Donation Camp.
  11. Quiz Competition.
  12. QuizBest Final Projects awards – IFERP will provide best project award for the final year students in the Institution where IFERP students chapter was established.