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Student Membership – Benefits

  1. Student members can avail concession in registration fees for conferences, workshop and other events conducted by IFERP at different colleges, cities of India as well as abroad.
  2. IFERP student member can publish their research papers at different highly sited IFERP journals (SCOPUS, Springer, UGC etc).
  3. IFERP student members can attend the conferences, workshops, scientific events at different colleges sponsored by IFERP .
  4. IFERP student members can interact with our professional members and can get advices as well as suggestions to carry out their research activities to complete their project.
  5. IFERP Student members can join Young Research Forum [YRF] which is Indian's largest network of students pursuing engineering.
  6. Students members will be provided with scope to take part at overseas events organized by IFERP and associated organizations related to Science, Engineering and Technology.
  7. IFERP student members with innovative research activities will be funded under research funding scheme.
  8. Student members can access their membership profile as well as digital library for their further perusal.
  9. Students members will be provided with free research consultancy, personality development and training classes to grow beyond the curriculum.
  10. IFERP members are notified regarding the upcoming conferences and events held in India and aboard.
  11. IFERP members can save more by publishing their research papers at IFERP conference proceedings, journals and transactions.